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Modernisation of Master Curriculum in ICT for Enhancing Student Employability / MaCICT.

The project intervenes into interdisciplinarity of curricula in ICT for fostering soft/transferable skills & competences of students demanded by the internationalised labour market. Whilst this is widely exercised in EU, it is still at the initial stage in BY. Therefore, the EU best practices in interdisciplinary approach, pedagogical practices & methods are needed by BY colleagues. The mixture of partners with various but complementary expertise in the consortium will maximise the effect on the BY higher education in ICT. At present, international ICT companies entering the BY market require skills different from what BY universities train their students in. Alone, they won’t be able to modernise since international companies demand “internationalised” skills from graduates. Similarly, EU students also need to internationalise their skills. The project responds to these demands by establishing the practice of arranging international student groups’ projects for solving real-life problems of international ICT companies jointly run by EU & BY partners to simulate the future working conditions at an international ICT company or at self-employment & working with global clientele.

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We are a cooperation of EU and BY partners.